With a gift card from Reshopper, you can give a meaningful gift that pleases both the children's family, the environment and the wallet 🤩♻️💰

Reshopper is Denmark's largest marketplace for families with children, where you can buy and sell secondhand items for children, mother and home. The families with children create more than 300,000 new secondhand items every month. In addition to secondhand items, Reshopper also has a smaller range of new surplus items from leftover lots and previous collections, where you always save at least 50%. That's why money really goes a long way at Reshopper.

Gift cards can currently only be purchased online at During the spring, you will also be able to buy gift cards in our Reshopper stores.

The gift card is electronic and is sent via e-mail.
When you buy a gift card online, it is issued in electronic form and you will be sent a digital gift card code to your e-mail, which you can print out or forward.

The gift card can be used for the purchase of new surplus items in our physical stores and second-hand items from other families in our app when you buy with Reshopper Freight (cannot be used for a local trade yet).
When you use the gift card in a private trade with Reshopper Freight in the app, the money is reserved when the bid is submitted. If the purchase amount exceeds the value of the gift card, it can be combined with other payment methods.

A Reshopper gift card can be used for the purchase of second-hand items in trades between individuals, when you use Reshopper Freight in our Reshopper app as well as the purchase of surplus items in our Reshopper app and stores. The gift card cannot currently be used to buy digital products such as Credits and Plus Family subscriptions. Read more on our terms of use here and trade terms here.

You usually receive the e-mail and the gift card code within a short time, but give it just 5 minutes. If you still do not receive our e-mail, it is usually due to spam filters eating our e-mail, which primarily happens when we send to @hotmail and @live addresses (we recommend using a more stable e-mail provider, e.g. @gmail ). Need more help please write to support.

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