Data protection and privacy policy

Last updated november 14th 2019

The purpose of this policy is to comply with the requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by explaining which personal data we gather on you in connection with using RESHOPPER, when we do so, why and for how long we process them, and to what extent we may pass them to third parties.

We therefore recommend that you read the policy carefully.

1. Data Controller and contact details

RESHOPPER ApS, CVR no.: 34711763, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 6, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark (hereinafter "the Company", "we" or "us") is the Data Controller for the personal data we process on you.

Should you have any questions concerning the policy, or how we process your personal data, you are welcome to contact us at legal@reshopper.com.

2. Processing of your personal data

We gather and process the following personal data for the purposes described below.


When you consent to being registered as a user of RESHOPPER, we will ask you to submit the following details, which according to their content, characteristics and composition can be personal data on you:

  • name
  • contact details, e.g. phone number and email
  • address
  • description of your shop

Your personal data will be gathered and processed to set you up as a user and to give you access to the Company’s range of unique, great products sold via RESHOPPER in accordance with GDPR article 6, no. 1 (b), or GDPR article 9, (2), ref. article 6, no. 1 (b).

We will store the above personal data as long as you have an active user profile.


When you set up an advertisement via RESHOPPER, make a purchase or sale of goods, perform a search for goods or visit other shops, we gather the details, including transactions made, payment details, comments, private messages, who you follow, log data in the form of device ID, device type, details of geographic location, advertisement viewings, device and connection details, date and time of your visit, time spent on these pages and other data generated on the basis of your actions with regard to being able to personify and continuously improve RESHOPPER, and to facilitate the buying and selling of goods.

The Company processes your personal data with the primary purpose of being able to provide RESHOPPER in accordance with GDPR article 6, no. 1 (b), or GDPR article 9, (2) (a), ref. article 6, no. 1 (b). A secondary purpose is the processing of your personal data with regard to the Company’s legitimate interests in accordance with GDPR article 6, no. 1 (f), e.g. prevention of fraud, the sale of counterfeit goods and other illegal activities.

We store the above personal data as long as there is a relevant purpose for doing so, e.g. as long as an advertisement is active or you have an active user profile.


When you subscribe to the Company’s newsletter or one of our competitions, we gather and process your name and email. We gather and process your personal data so that we can send you the newsletter, or so that you can take part in a competition in accordance with GDPR article 6, (1), (a).

We store your personal data until the competition is concluded or you unsubscribe from the newsletter.


When you use the Company’s website via computer, tablet, smartphone etc., we use cookies to be able to provide you with a better service, customise and improve the Company’s website or products, and to focus the Company’s online marketing if you have given your consent to us doing so.

Cookies allow us to gather and process your personal data in the form of email, IP address and log data to customise our online marketing based on your interests, advertisements seen and purchases you make via RESHOPPER. Our online marketing is run on RESHOPPER, publicly accessible websites and the social media.

We gather and process your personal data with regard to our legitimate interests in accordance with GDPR article 6, no. 1 (f). As such, this is not direct marketing, as if you had given your consent to receiving our newsletter.

Read more details on the way we use cookies in our cookie policy, where you can also read more details on which third parties we share your personal data with.

Please note that such third parties can use your personal data if stated in their own data protection policies, and if you have separately given them your consent to do so.


We gather and process the data you look up on the Company’s social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We gather and process your personal data with regard to our legitimate interests in accordance with GDPR article 6, no. 1 (f).

Please note that others can use, tag or share your postings in some other manner than you may have intended.

When posting on the Company’s social platforms, you declare that you acknowledge that we and others have the right and access to using and passing on the data you look up on the Company’s website or social media.

3. Use of data processors and the disclosure of personal data

We only disclose your personal data when necessary to provide the Company’s services to you, or if we are under a legal obligation to do so as data controller.

In connection with running RESHOPPER, including the provision of support and online marketing, we disclose relevant personal data you give us to HelpScout, Facebook Inc. and Google Analytics (Google LLC), all of which are registered in the USA.

Our disclosure of your personal data complies with the necessary guarantees in accordance with GDPR article 45, as the Company has signed a contract for transfer of personal data based on the certification of the respective companies under EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

When it is necessary to disclose your data, we always apply a high standard for processing personal data, and we make every effort to ensure that anyone to whom we disclose them to fulfils all aspects of data protection legislation.

Furthermore, we use a number of partner companies who handle the Company’s services such as payment initiation, transport and logistics and IT services.

4. Security measures

We prioritise the security of personal data very highly, and therefore focus strongly on the Company’s processing of your personal data always complying with data protection legislation.

For maximum protection of your personal data, we regularly review the level of risk of the Company’s data processing affecting you and your rights.

We are particularly aware of protecting your personal data against discrimination or ID theft, financial loss, loss of reputation and data confidentiality.

To avoid data loss, we regularly take backups and encrypt data when necessary.

In the event of a security breach that implies a higher risk to your rights, we will inform you accordingly as quickly as the circumstances permit.

5. Your rights

When we process your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • You can ask for insight into and a copy of the personal data we process on you at any time.
  • You can update or revise the contact details you have given us at any time.
  • You can object to the Company processing of your personal data, or request that we wholly or partially erase any personal data we store on you, or that we should only process your personal data to a limited extent. We will then specifically evaluate whether we are obliged to comply with your request.
  • You can request that we transfer your personal data to you or to another Data Controller in a structured, standard, machine-readable format.
  • You have the right to not be the object of a decision based solely on automatic processing.

For more information regarding your rights, please visit the website of the national supervisory authority.

If you want to exercise the aforementioned rights, or have any questions concerning how we process your personal data, please contact us at legal@reshopper.com

6. Revoking your consent

If the way the Company processes your personal data is based on your consent, you can withdraw it at any time. You can revoke your consent directly in RESHOPPER or by writing to us at legal@reshopper.com

You can also revoke your consent to receiving the newsletter and other marketing materials by following the instructions in the newsletter.

If you opt to revoke your consent, it will not affect the legality of processing your personal data up to the date you revoked it.

7. Complaining to the Data Protection Agency

You have the right to complain to the national supervisory authority if you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal data, or if you disagree with a decision on the same made by us.

If you are considering complaining to the Data Protection Agency, we hope that you will contact us first, so that we discuss the matter, and hopefully find a solution.

8. Provisos concerning other websites

We can link to other websites via RESHOPPER, the Company’s website or newsletter.

If you follow such links, please be aware that you will be entering websites over which we have no influence, and that cannot be covered by our data protection policy.

We recommend that you always read the data protection policy for any website you may link to.

9. Proviso for amendments to this policy

We reserve the right to revise our data protection policy. The most recent version will always be available on the Company’s website and in RESHOPPER.

We will notify you of all major amendments to the policy, including those affecting reasons why we process your personal data, or changes in relation to your rights.